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About Us

UCAMAT is the professional organization representing marine, aviation and transport insurance brokers in France.

The members of the UCAMAT have come together to proactively further and develop their common interests specific to the transport sector.

Specialized Insurance Expertise

Marine and transport insurance brokers are involved in a well-defined, specialist market sector.

They dedicate their skills to all stakeholders, operators and consumers in the transport and logistics sector, from blue- and brown-water marine to aviation and aeronautics.

To find the best insurance solutions for the benefit of their clients, and acting on their behalf under a specific mandate, marine and transport insurance brokers must leverage their expert comprehension of risks, guarantees and insurance markets while taking into account the constantly evolving legal, economic and technical landscape of the industries and actors they represent.  


Anchored in the world of marine and transport

The specialization of marine and transport insurance brokers sets them apart from their colleagues. They are certainly members of the insurance profession but are are actors in their own right in the marine and transport sector, with which they share a common cultural heritage, economic interests and most of all a tradition of innovation, adaptability and reactivity.


The UCAMAT maintains regular dialogue with the professional and institutional organizations dedicated to the marine, aviation and transport industries.

Exporters to a global market 

International trade plays a historically integral part of the expertise and value added by marine and transport insurance brokers.

Today, this asset allows them to compete directly with their peers worldwide in foreign insurance markets.

Several members of the UCAMAT are majority exporters in this fashion, orchestrating from France insurance coverage for a large number of internationally owned risks, notably shipping and aviation fleets.

We estimate that 80% of the combined export revenue of all specialties of French insurance broking is made up by marine and insurance brokerage.