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    VOC Emission Test Chambers

    产品名称: VOC Emission Test Chambers
    产品展商: 其它品牌
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    VOC Emission Test Chambers

    VOC Emission Test Chambers  的详细介绍

    VOC Emission Test Chambers 

    The quality of indoor air in vehicles is strongly influenced by volatile organic compounds (VOCs) released from components, semi-finished products and materials used in the vehicle interior.
    The VOC emission test chamber allows characterization of the emissions of volatile organic compounds under precise test conditions, and is fully compliant with the requirements of GS97014-3 BMW Method. The chamber meets also all requirements of ISO 12219-4, ISO 16000-9, ISO 16516 and EN 717-1.
    The chamber has been developed in close cooperation with experts from industry and research, and can be used for a broad analytical performance spectrum via 4 heated sample ports.

    VOC emission test chamber caracteristics
    250 and 1000 litters volumen

    Determination of VOCs from components, products and materials

    Meets all requirements of ISO 12219-4

    Determination of VOCs from vehicle interior parts and materials

    Compact, robust, competetively priced

    ?Emission-free“ test chamber

    High accuracy and performance of all normative parameters

    Adjustable ventilation fan and hot-wire anemometer for optimized test specimen location

    Prevention of contamination from the surrounding environment

    Minimal adsorption effects

    Thermal desorption cleaning function up to 220°C

    Control software

    Fogging device

    VOC Emission Test Chambers
    Type EK 250 EK 1000
    Volume (l) 250 1000
    Test Space Dimensions (mm)    
    Height 720 745
    Width 480 745
    Depth 720 1800
    Overall Dimensions (mm)    
    Height 1000 1980
    Width 1550 1260
    Depth 1700 2790
    Temperature Range +10oC to +180oC
    Humidity Range 10% h.r. to 70% h.r.
    Air Flow 80 l/min at 2,5 bar (6,67 l/min during test)
    Nominal Voltage 400 V +6/-10 %, 3/N, 50 Hz


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