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    Solar Simulation Chambers

    产品名称: Solar Simulation Chambers
    产品展商: 其它品牌
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    Solar Simulation Chambers

    Solar Simulation Chambers  的详细介绍

    Solar Simulation Chambers

    Standard climate chambers from the CL series comply with all the applications for automotive components and complete vehicle tests, in accordance with DIN 75220.

    The irradiation modules are mounted on the climate chamber's ceiling and light up the samples through the window glass filter, installed on the ceiling. Irradiation can be electronically controlled from 50% to 100%.

    The system's spectral distribution is based on the 'total radiation' requirements published in CIE Publ. No 85 Tab. 4. The spectrum corresponds to the range in standard DIN IEC 68, Part 2-5. 

    Included in the standard version
    32-bit colour Touch Panel
    Capacitive measurement sensor
    Door with lock and one-hand opening
    50 mm Wall bushings
    Stainless-steel tray
    Voltage-free contact
    RS 232 communication interface
    Low sound level
    Metal halide irradiation module
    Robust and solid structure
    Low electrical consumption
    Highly accurate temperature, humidity and light measurement
    Precise control and monitoring
    High-quality grade 1.4301 stainless-steel internal structure
    Fully-ecological, CFC-free refrigerant gases 

    Capacity of the standard testing enclosure
    350 / 600 / 1000 / 2000 / 3300 litres

    Temperature range
    -60oC … -30oC … up to +180 °C

    Relative humidity range (with light)
    10 - 80 % h.r.

    Some optional accessories
    Additional 50 mm, 80 mm and 125 mm wall bushings
    Additional trays
    Rain simulation contribution 

    Cámaras Simulación Solar
    Modelo CL -40/350-BF
    CL -60/350-BF
    CL -40/600-BF
    CL -60/600-BF
    CL -40/1000-BF
    CL -60/1000-BF
    CL -40/2200-BF
    CL -60/2200-BF
    Volumen Litros 340 600 1000 2200
    Alto mm,aprox. 750 850 900 1100
    mm,aprox. 650 850 1000 2000
    Fondo mm,aprox. 720 830 1100 1000
    Alto mm,aprox. 2300 2255 2430 2650
    Ancho mm,aprox. 920 1120 1270 2500
    Fondo mm,aprox. 1665 1875 2245 1800
    Rango de
    -60oC … -30oC a +180oC
    Velocidad de
    enfriamiento según
    IEC 60068-3-6
    Aprox. 2,5 a 4,0 K/min
    Velocidad de
    calentamiento según
    IEC 60068-3-5
    Aprox. 2,5 a 4,0 K/min
    Fluctuación de temperatura ≤± 0,3 temporal
    Irradiación 800 – 1200 W/m2
    Ensayos climáticos
    Rango de temperatura +15oC a +80oC
    Rango de humedad 10%h.r. a 80%h.r.


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